Lively reading, artful writing. Interested in classic and contemporary works of literature? Looking to craft a sentence that lingers on a reader’s mind? Need classes in the evening to pursue those interests? Cedar Crest College’s evening English degree could be for you.

Employers consistently rank effective writing, oral communication, and critical thinking skills as what they most want from college graduates.* Why not hone those skills reading Atwood, Shelley and Austen? Or by working alongside faculty and classmates who deeply care about what you have to write?

Designed for students who wish to engage literature and enhance their writing for personal fulfillment or today’s workplace, the evening English major offers courses in classic American, British and world literature; film studies and popular literary genres; and beginning through advanced creative writing.

The evening English major can be completed through part-time study in four semesters. If you are intent on pursing secondary teaching certification in English, you will complete the requisite coursework in English in conjunction with your education courses.

*”Raising the Bar: Employers Views on College Learning” (Hart Associates/AAUP; 2010); “Writing: A Ticket to Work…Or a Ticket Out, a Survey of Business Leaders” (National Commission on Writing/The College Board; 2004).

Course Requirements

Portfolio of Writing Requirement:
A professional portfolio of course writings suitable for submission to a graduate program in English or to a prospective employer. Due by the end of the second week of a student’s final spring semester, submitted to the Director of English. For content and assessment, refer to “Portfolio of Writing” in the Guide to the English Program, available from the program director.

Students planning to complete a co-major in secondary education should consult with the English program director, as there are some modifications to the requirements listed above for the English major with secondary education.

Read course descriptions and faculty profiles for the department. *

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